Tommy and Kelly

There are no words to express our gratitude & appreciation for everything you have done for us. You have taken care of us for a couple of years, and have gone above and beyond in helping us with starting a family. The patience and compassion that you have shown us has been so reassuring and humbling. It is not easy to work with patients in healthcare all day long, and maintain an aura and atmosphere of kindness and patience. Especially with so many crazy hormone levels. We are truly thrilled and blessed to be where we are today (no doubt b/c of you guys), but most importantly, we want you to know that all of your effort and care are so very appreciated. We never once felt like “a number” or “just another patient” and that feeling has made this entire journey so much easier and less frightening. Thank You!!

We sincerely hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and know that you are on our thoughts & prayers!

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