Support Services


Patients coping with fertility issues often experience emotional stress, and the addition of fertility treatment can make matters more difficult. At Austin Fertility Institute, our team will collectively strive to provide a supportive and caring environment to help minimize your anxiety as you strive to build your family.

We understand, however, that many situations warrant additional support. Please do not hesitate to ask us to provide you with additional counseling resources that can help in many circumstances including third party reproduction (egg donors/recipients), pregnancy loss, recurrent miscarriage, and depression/anxiety.

Complementary Medicine

Many patients seek complementary medical therapies to reduce stress and possibly enhance pregnancy outcome. A study (Smith JF et al, Fertility & Sterility, May 2010) conducted in eight centers in the United States demonstrated that a substantial minority (29%) of the 428 couples surveyed utilized acupuncture, herbal therapy, physical therapy/massage and/or meditation in conjunction with their fertility treatment.

If you have specific questions regarding any of the aforementioned therapies, we encourage you to discuss them with our team—we can not only help you determine whether or not complementary therapies are right for you, but also provide you with referral information for a number of trained professionals in the greater Austin area.

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