Will insurance cover the tests and treatments?

Your insurance provider and the specific plan selected by the subscriber’s employer will determine to what degree your treatment is covered. Most health insurance plans cover only “medically necessary” procedures. We encourage you to research your coverage by contacting your employer’s human resources department or your insurance company to request an explanation of specific benefits. We also have financial counselors available to assist our patients in assessing their coverage.

Financing Options—Financing options are available through outside companies, and this can be discussed after your initial consult. We realize the financial aspects involved can be an added stressor in your journey, and our goal is to assist you with this as much as possible to ease the burden.

Financial Considerations—At Austin Fertility Institute, we are very proud to be able to offer affordability as one of our key features. Our costs can be discussed while a treatment plan is being designed for you, and we will do our very best to work within your means.

For our patients without fertility treatment coverage undergoing ovulation induction with or without the addition of intrauterine insemination, we have package discounts if multiple cycles of treatment are required.  When these same patients have been recommended to undergo IVF, we have additional discount considerations if more than one fresh cycle of treatment is necessary.

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