Saline-Infusion Sonogram (SIS)

A sonohysterogram or saline-infusion sonogram (SIS) is a specialized ultrasound of your uterine cavity to identify and characterize abnormalities such as fibroids, polyps, scarring, and congenital malformations.

Please call our office on the first day of your menstrual flow (day 1). This test is scheduled between your fifth and twelfth cycle days, and is performed in the office as a brief procedure. We again suggest that you take ibuprofen, naproxen, or tylenol 30 minutes before the test to reduce cramping.

To begin, you will be placed on the examining table and positioned on foot rests as with a pelvic examination. Your physician will place a speculum to visualize your cervix and clean with an iodine-based solution before placement of a thin catheter into the lower portion of the uterine cavity. Once the catheter is in place, the speculum is removed, and the transvaginal ultrasound probe will be inserted vaginally to visualize the catheter. Using gentle pressure with a syringe, a sterile saline solution is then placed into the uterine cavity for direct visualization of any abnormalities under ultrasound.

Occasionally, you may experience some light cramping and/or some light bleeding or watery discharge after the test. This will usually resolve within 48 hours. If pain or bleeding continues beyond this time, a fever develops, or if you have any other questions you should contact us immediately for further instruction.

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